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Lay Organization

Mission Statement

The Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is commissioned to teach, train and empower its members for lay ministry, global leadership and service following the tenets of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to organize and train the laity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church so that lay persons may maximally utilize their God given abilities and skills to improve and extend the kingdom to create happiness, peace and harmony among its members.

Build and maintain an intergenerational community of caring women, fostering relationships and encounters between the Connectional, Episcopal, Conference and Local organizations and other women's organizations.


Develop responsible and visionary leadership through training and experience.


Provide for flexible structures, so that groups may determine the structure and programs most appropriate and workable in their church.


Provide education and training that inspire and motivate members to witness for the global mission community.


Create and utilize training and development to equip and inspire members to participate in advocacy for justice and peace, human rights, the oppressed and voiceless, women, children and the elderly.


Our Objectives

  1. To create a love and appreciation of the History and Principles of African Methodism.

  2. Keep the memory of Richard Allen alive.

  3. Respect Constituted Authority.

  4. Stimulate and Educate the Laity in the Total Program of the Church.

  5. Study the Discipline and learn the laws of the Church.

  6. Encourage Financial Support of the Church's Program.

  7. Teach and Practice Stewardship and work with the Youth to teach them Methodism.

  8. These objectives can best be met when one works to understand the program of the church and relate the church to the World around us. Become involved in Social Action such that the church is then our Community - our Job - Our School, and everywhere that many assembles he carries the church with him.

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