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Women In Ministry

Mission Statement

The mission of the AME/WIM is to define, enhance, support, support and expand the presence of women in ministry in leadership in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.

Our Objectives

  1. To recognize and support women in ministry as an integral part of the AME Church.

  2. To raise the consciousness of the AME Church on women's issues.

  3. To address the issue of sexism in the AME Church.

  4. To address issues of opportunities for women in ministry in leadership in the AME Church.

  5. To support women in the pastoral ministry.

  6. To affirm specialized ministries including but not limited to: chaplaincy, writing, teaching, counseling, research, prison, youth, geriatric, singles, street, healthcare, family/life relations, music, homeless, HIV/AIDS and religious education ministries.

  7. To encourage academic training for the ministry.

  8. To sponsor a Connectional conference at least once during each quadrennial.

  9. To support and provide assistance and outreach to women in ministry in the Fourteenth through Twentieth Episcopal Districts.

  10. To compile a complete an accurate record of all women in ministry in the AME Church.

  11. To foster and develop relationships with people and entities that will assist in furthering the objectives described herein.

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